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Your Flooring Removal and Prep Specialist in Calgary


DUSTFREE removal and disposal of existing tile and stone (including thinset)

DUSTFREE removal and disposal of existing linoleum and K3 (including adhesive)

DUSTFREE removal and disposal of existing hardwood

DUSTFREE concrete grinding and floor levelling

Getting rid of the old to get ready for the new? Let us do the flooring removal for you!

You may be apprehensive about starting your big project and we can ease your mind. Getting the right advice about your flooring renovation before diving in can save you major frustration and disappointment and that is where we come in.

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, we will do the removal portion effectively and efficiently to save you time and aggravation. We do removal of tile, natural stone products, K3, linoleum, hardwood and carpet, including grinding off residual thinset and adhesive, leaving your primary or sub-floor smooth, clean and ready for the new install.

Flooring renovations done right, keeping functionality and practicality in mind

We have been in the flooring and construction business for years and we have seen it all! Sometimes removal of existing flooring just uncovers a whole bunch of problems. Depending on the new material being installed, there can be multiple options in solving these issues. We will explain in detail so you can make the right decisions in continuing your flooring renovation.

First and foremost - DUSTLESS, THOROUGH, IMMACULATE flooring removal

When you hire us to do flooring removal in your home, we promise to protect your property and leave your house spotlessly clean. Our industrial vacuums hook up to all our tools so the dust is virtually non-existent. We also use floor/carpet shield to protect existing flooring if applicable.

We are not a demolition company! We ensure the removal portion of the job is done in a careful manner that leaves virtually NO COLLATERAL DAMAGE. This means minimal to no repairs to drywall, paint, baseboards, other existing flooring, countertops, cabinetry, walls, ceilings, tubs, sinks, appliances, etc., after we have completed the removal.

Flooring removal and so much more!

Flooring removal is just part of the services we provide. We also remove tile from showers, tubs, and backsplashes and can re-install denshield or drywall if necessary. We ensure everything is prepared properly so the next trade that comes in will be able to do their job easily. We also do concrete or wood floor levelling. If you have humps or dips in your existing flooring, we can level these out so your new flooring will be nice and flat. We also install electric in-floor heating installation, complete with a programmable thermostat.


They say you only get one first impression. Let our company leave that first impression with your customer and you will not be disappointed. Our goal is to have that homeowner be so impressed with our dust-free and careful removal that your company reputation will shine. They will appreciate that you have hired the best company to do the removal portion of their project.

The flooring removal portion of a renovation is probably your least favourite thing to do. We have the proper tools and experience to allow us to do the job effectively and efficiently, saving you time and headache. Our extensive knowledge in the flooring industry means we can have the floor prepared perfectly for you. Letting us do the removal means you have more to time to do what you do best - the new install!

We have done numerous removals where a customer is dissatisfied and very upset due to the wrong product being used, poor installation or any other problems that can occur during construction/renovation. When we came in to do the removal, we ensured the rest of their house and possessions were protected and kept dust-free while we worked. Each and every one of those customers were left extremely happy with the fantastic job we did and the professional customer service we provided.

Our specialties:
  • Using carpet and floor shield to protect existing flooring; poly off sensitive areas if necessary
  • Dustless removal of all material down to original state prior to install
  • Working in newly constructed and occupied homes, taking the utmost care to ensure no damage is done to surrounding property and contents
  • Leaving the premises spotless
  • Dealing with customers who may be upset and need to be treated with professionalism and consideration

RenovationFind Certified

Let Reno-Ready Floors impress you and your customers!