Removing existing carpet and hardwood can be a messy and back-breaking job. We have the tools and experience to do the flooring removal in an efficient and effective manner. We will also grind off any residual adhesive so your primary or sub-floor is clean and smooth. The installer of your new flooring will really appreciate this as it will make his job go a lot easier as well! If you've got a squeak, we can screw down your primary floor to the joists to eliminate annoying creaks!

Not only do we do the flooring removal, saving you headache and backache, we also use industrial vacuums to ensure a dustless removal of all material, use carpet and floor shield to protect existing flooring, poly off sensitive areas if necessary, take the utmost care to ensure no damage is done to surrounding property and contents and leave your premises spotless.

  • Remove and dispose of carpet, underpad, smooth-edge and staples
  • Vacuum entire area, paying special attention to the perimeter
  • Remove and dispose of hardwood
  • Remove staples or cleats
  • Grind off residual glue to a clean primary floor